Virtual reality

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is digital technology allowing gaming and interactive experiences that immerse the viewer using a headset, controllers and soundscapes.

Providing the deepest immersive experiences available, VR gives users almost unlimited experiences to explore, learn from and have fun in. It lets users interact in unprecedented ways, experiencing physical locations and interacting with them without the need to be physically present. Increasingly, mixed reality is being used to work, educate and socialise in brand new ways.

Our specialised XR pipeline means we can create truly immersive experiences for the latest headsets as well as augmented reality applications.

We create everything from true-to-life remote real-world experiences to brand new, never-before-seen worlds.

  • Deeply immersive
  • Game-like and engaging
  • Collaborative

Virtual Reality FAQs

  • Why virtual reality rather than other experiences?

    VR is among the deepest, most totally immersive digital experiences available. It is perfect for experiences where to get the most from the environment the user should have no outside distractions.

  • Doesn't VR involve clunky, awkward headsets?

    VR headsets are among the fastest developing tech products on the planet. In a few short years their size and weight has been drastically reduced and their capabilities enhanced. Now, headsets are easily portable, operate without cables and are easier to use than ever before.

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