Flying with Great Exhibition of the North in augmented reality


Great Exhibition of the North


  • Bespoke augmented reality experience
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Customisable wings

A celebration of GETNorth in augmented reality

To celebrate the Great Exhibition of the North, Newcastle and Gateshead commissioned a wide variety of innovative experiences. They demonstrated the North’s pioneering spirit and the impact of its inventors, artists, and designers.

MAADIGITAL is well-known as a leader in digital experiences in the North-East. The organisers of GETNorth, well aware of the success of our INTU augmented reality Christmas tree, asked us to create a unique, tech-forward and socially-shareable AR experience to crown the festival’s Innovation Trail.

How Will You Fly Home Screen
How Will You Fly Map Screen
How Will You Fly Add Wings
How Will You Fly Map

ARC Technology

We developed brand-new ARC (Augmented Reality Chromakey) technology, solving one of AR’s greatest issues at the time – how to place objects both in front of and behind the subject.

Adding a series of green screen wall locations to the GETNorth Innovation Trail, MAADIGITAL’s How Will You Fly? app allowed users to design, wear and socially share their very own wings, all on their own devices.

Flights of Fancy at GETNorth

To make the GETNorth How Will You Fly? experience truly unique, MAADIGITAL built in the ability to design your own wings – taking one of a series of templates to paint, draw or photograph, limited only by the user’s imagination.

Once the wings design was complete, the in-app camera allowed for quick uploading and editing. Then, users could wear their own custom wings, take photos and videos and share them on social media.

  • Custom wing designs
  • Wing templates to design and draw
  • Easy photo capture to upload wings
Capture Wings
Wings Added

Adaptable technology

ARC is inherently reusable, editable and updatable. Useful in any environment where permanent or semi-permanent green screen areas can be erected, it can be used to add value through augmented reality to any brand or event.

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