Oilatum skin expertise video and animation

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  • Educational 3D video
  • Scientifically-accurate assets and animation

Creating a skin expertise video for Oilatum

Oilatum creates products to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of eczema and dry skin in babies and adults. Specialising in bath products and creams which protect the skin from drying out they use a variety of unique ingredients.

In order to quickly communicate the method of operation and benefits to experts, including pharmacists and dermatologists, we created an impactful 3D video. It shows the science behind how light liquid paraffin, among other ingredients, traps in moisture and soothes the skin, reinforcing and protecting the skin’s natural barrier.

From scripting and score to final video delivery and copyright clearances for worldwide use, MAADIGITAL quickly and efficiently managed and produced the animation project.

oilatum skin cross section skin matures and develops
oilatum functional skin barrier
oilatum dry skin cross section
oilatum excessive moisture
oilatum emollient products
oilatum moisture retainng barrier
oilatum skin cross section with barrier
oilatum resilient barrier
oilatum healthy skin cross section

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