Head & Shoulders and Pantene hair health microscope app


Head & Shoulders and Pantene


  • Joint-branded app for consultants
  • Hair microscope and scalp microscope

Co-branded hair and scalp analysis for Head & Shoulders and Pantene

To show how scalp and hair health can be improved with shampoo and conditioner, Head & Shoulders and Pantene use custom microscopes. Pantene focuses on hair strength and breakage, while Head & Shoulders focuses on scalp health and dandruff.

Both brands are owned by Procter & Gamble, so it made sense to employ MAADIGITAL to create a joint app using the same technology. For clarity, the app had to feature routes for each brand.

Pantene Head & Shoulders app routes

An intuitive split-brand experience

We created a custom iPad app, that we linked by wifi to a 100x zoom microscope. It lets Head & Shoulders and Pantene in-store consultants view hair up close, so they can use the images to help give product advice.

We made the app available in a variety of languages for international use.

Once the consultant establishes whether the consumer has any hair or scalp concerns, they can run through a short question bank to identify hair and scalp health goals. The app then provides a tailored range of products to recommend inside the Head & Shoulders or Pantene route.

The app and microscope allow highly personalised product recommendations, combining both consumer opinion and accurate, magnified information about the hair and scalp. It helps minimise the chance of recommending anything other than the ideal shampoo or conditioner product. The app suggests ranges of products and provides a concise description and key facts about each product.


Clarifying hair condition with video

To help provide information to consumers quickly and easily, the app includes the ability to show demonstration videos. The videos help explain how the Head & Shoulders or Pantene products help manage the hair and scalp health concerns found at the microscope phase.

  • Microscope function integration
  • Multi-language functionality
  • Product criteria
  • Custom, goal-based product recommendations
  • Video demonstration feature
Head & Shoulders Pantene
Head & Shoulders Microscope Interface
Pantene Microscope Interface
Question Screen
Question Screen
Head & Shoulders Product Screen
Pantene Product Screen
Video Screen
Video Screen

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