Meet #MAADJack, the webAR Halloween pumpkin

Bringing Halloween fun back to 2020

The costume parties, the trick or treating and socialising are a little trickier this year.

Halloween tricks and treats aren’t completely off the table, though. On a trip to a pumpkin patch we had an idea – a socially distanced way to have this spooky season. We picked our pumpkins, prepared a spooky design and set about making a webAR digital twin – #MAADJack

Follow the instructions below and don’t forget to share your pictures and videos to social media using #MAADJack and @maadigital. We’ll share the best ones to our feed!

Want to take MAADJack home? Print out the QR banner and scan from anywhere.

Recreating pumpkins with photogrammetry

Using our in-house mini photogrammetry rig, we captured hundreds of photographs of our pumpkins from every angle, ready to recreate in Agisoft and stitch them together into complete 3D digital twins.

Our 3D experts cleaned up, edited and re-topoed each model, reducing the complexity to prepare it to be used in webAR.

What is webAR?

webAR is augmented reality content that can be accessed directly in a web browser.

For a long time, AR was only possible in custom apps, meaning potential users had to be encouraged to download them via expensive marketing campaigns. Now, with updated tech and backing from giants like Google and Apple, augmented reality has moved to web browsers, with no need to download bespoke software.

webAR is useful in a range of context – it’s great for short, fun experiences that catch attention, getting AR in front of consumers who might not download a custom app, demonstrating and selling products remotely and more.


  • I can't see the webAR button on my mobile. Where is it?

    webAR is optimised to work on up-to-date Apple and Android devices. If you’re using a new phone, please make sure you’re using Chrome or Safari as your browser for the best webAR experience.

  • Where can I find the QR code to meet MAADJack?

    If you’re having trouble with the QR code online, you can download the QR banner to print or scan on another device.

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