What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the fastest, most cost-effective way to create true-to-life digital twins at almost any scale. Using our combination of mini-rigs, full scale human scanning and drone-based photogrammetry, we can reproduce any real-world 3D object from a tiny cake to a huge building or landscape in perfect accuracy, ready to add to an XR experience.

Motion capture is the perfect additional MAADIGITAL solution to create realistic 3D characters and presenters ready to be viewed worldwide.

Perfect 3D recreations for webAR is ideal for helping consumers ‘try before they buy’ from home, broadening the online shopping experience.

  • Fast, accurate recreation of 3D objects
  • Recreate objects of any size
Product Photogrammetry
webAR razor
webAR Cake photogrammetry
Human Photogrammetry
webAR male model photogrammetry
webAR Victorian Man
World Photogrammetry
webAR car charging station
webAR building

Photogrammetry FAQs

  • Why use photogrammetry instead of traditional 3D modelling?

    Photogrammetry is a faster, more cost-effective option to recreate existing objects in 3D. If you already have a real-world object but don’t have an accurate 3D model, this is the perfect solution.

    It’s great at capturing the nuances and subtle details of objects that often don’t emerge in traditional 3D modelling. Natural, flexible textures like fabric, tree bark, stains and marks on stone are captured in perfect detail, producing organic, real-looking 3D objects and scenes.

  • Can you provide the raw files for me to work with?

    If you have 3D technicians in house, or want to have the raw photographic files alongside 3D content to use in future, we can provide them.

Object scale

Using our custom rig, we take hundreds of close-up photos from every angle, stitching them together into a perfect 3D replica of the object for online sales, augmentation and more.

Human scale

In two quick flashes, our human-scale booth captures highly detailed photographic information, allowing us to perfectly replicate anyone as a ‘digital twin’, ready to become an AR presenter.

World scale

The sky is quite literally the limit – we use drones, on-foot photographers and satellite data to reproduce buildings, landscapes and landmarks in high fidelity, ready to be explored.

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