Motion capture

What is motion capture?

Faster, more accurate and cheaper than traditional animation, motion capture allows us to incorporate realistic human motion into the XR space. In a fraction of the time take for traditional animations, we can have 3D models rigged and animated for almost any use.

Use it to bring characters to life in full 3D – it’s a perfect solution to realistic 3D gaming, creating digital actors and presenters to view in AR and VR, and for any use case where engaging, personal human interactions are needed. The technology is a great addition to true-to-life photogrammetry characters.

  • Faster than traditional animation
  • Accurate and detailed motion
  • Cost-effective

Motion capture FAQs

  • Why not just use traditional animation?

    Mocap is faster, more accurate and more detailed than traditional animation. What would normally take weeks and be a significant financial investment to animate can be created in a matter of days.

  • I have my own actors and props - can I use your facilities?

    We can scale our services to your requirements – we’re able to provide the technology and technicians to capture your scenes in perfect detail, leaving the rest to you.

  • I need full-service motion capture - can you do that?

    We can do it all – we can hire actors, create props, storyboard and script scenes and manage the entire process start to finish.

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