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Over 20 years at the cutting edge

MAADIGITAL has been harnessing cutting-edge technology to create unforgettable digital experiences for over 20 years. Now, in the age of digital transformation and spatial computing, there are endless possibilities to innovate like never before.

The extended reality (XR) landscape – augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality – is experiencing unprecedented global growth, and MAADIGITAL is uniquely placed with the expertise, creativity and skill to create never-before-seen innovations in the field. Getting your brand, business or product in front of the right people has never been so exciting.

We take XR experiences from start to finish – discovery and prototyping to find the ideal delivery method, scoping technology and pushing its limits, creating and animating 3D assets and delivering intuitive, easy-to-use UX and UI. We can also easily slot in to existing pipelines to deliver all or part of your XR project.

  • 3 billion shoppers have XR capable devices
  • XR engagement is up 20% since the start of 2020
  • Consumer conversion rates up 90% with AR


  XR Tech

As one of the fastest-growing areas in the tech world, XR is constantly changing and improving, with newer and better devices coming out on a regular basis.

At MAADIGITAL, we keep up with all the relevant tech, from virtual reality and mixed reality headsets like Hololens 2 to the latest iOS and Android devices and even custom displays like the 3D touchscreen Looking Glass environment.

Our cutting-edge expertise means we can build XR experiences that work on any or all of these devices, and we’ll direct you to which to choose based on cost, user journeys and ease-of-use.

XR Smartphone Tablet
XR VR Headset
XR Interactive Display

XR delivery methods

There are plenty of options to choose from to get your XR project in front of your customers – choosing can be daunting. MAADIGITAL’s XR expertise means we can guide you in finding the right delivery method for the best impact and ROI.

There are many types of XR and each has benefits. From classic marker-based tracking to complex geo-located AR, webAR, immersive VR headset experiences and beyond, MAADIGITAL has created unforgettable augmented reality experiences using them all.

Because we know the technology inside out, we always create the perfect extended reality solution for any project.

  • Use XR content in AR, VR and MR
  • Collaborate on multiple devices
  • Re-use XR assets across multiple projects and technologies


XR Production Methods


Photogrammetry is the fastest, most cost-effective way to create true-to-life digital twins at almost any scale. Using our combination of mini-rigs, full scale human scanning and drone-based photogrammetry, we can reproduce any real-world 3D object from a tiny cake to a huge building or landscape in perfect accuracy, ready to add to an XR experience.

Thanks to the pandemic, online shopping has become the go-to way to find and buy products, and photogrammetry along with webAR is the ideal method to bridge the gap, allowing users to see products in their own home before they buy.

Product Photogrammetry
webAR razor
webAR Cake photogrammetry
Human Photogrammetry
webAR male model photogrammetry
webAR Victorian Man
World Photogrammetry
webAR car charging station
webAR building

Motion capture

Faster, more accurate and cheaper than traditional animation, motion capture allows us to incorporate realistic human motion into the XR space. In a fraction of the time take for traditional animations, we can have 3D models rigged and animated for almost any use.

Use motion capture to bring characters to life in full 3D – it’s a perfect solution to realistic 3D gaming, creating digital actors and presenters to view in AR and VR, and for any use case where engaging, personal human interactions are needed.

Data-driven XR experiences

Data can be tricky – hard to understand, boring, overly specific and hard to apply to real life. Turning plain data into engaging, action-creating XR experiences is where MAADIGITAL shines.

Our joint core services of app design and development and XR mean we can create the best data-driven augmented reality, virtual and mixed reality experiences out there. As the tech improves, we’re finding new and exciting ways to share data worldwide in easy-to-understand formats.

Mixed reality data immersion
Augmented reality data
Renewables car charge point data

Extended reality FAQs

  • I have existing 3D assets, can you make XR magic with them?

    At MAADIGITAL, we’re adept at working within existing pipelines – we can create assets from scratch, optimise and prepare existing assets and even create ‘wrapper’ apps for pre-created XR assets.

    Whether you need us to take an XR project start-to-finish or just need our expertise to fill a gap in your existing digital transformation pipeline, we’ve got you covered.

  • Can I re-use 3D assets you've made?

    Absolutely! Our 3D assets are optimised to be used on multiple platforms and you own all rights to 3D content we’ve generated on your behalf. You can use and interact with your 3D assets in lots of ways!

MAADIGITAL builds businesses through XR and digital transformation.

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