Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality uses powerful technology to superimpose digital experiences on the real world. Using commonplace devices, including smartphones, tablets and specialised lenses, it is the most universally accessible form of extended reality immersive experience available.

We have been creating informative, entertaining and engaging augmented reality experiences for a range of brands and users for over a decade.

Augmented reality benefits users by allowing new layers of information to be added to real-world scenarios, creating engaging and informative experiences. Increasingly, augmented reality is being used to create consumer experiences, allowing product testing and visualisation remotely.


Making augmented reality even more of a no-brainer is webAR. Based purely in the web browser of any modern iOS or Android device, webAR launches without the need for an app or any kind of download.

webAR can be integrated directly into existing websites, showing off products and services like never before.

Check out some webAR examples below – tap to launch or click to find a QR code to scan:

webAR razor
webAR Cake photogrammetry
webAR male model photogrammetry
webAR Victorian Man
webAR car charging station
webAR building

Augmented reality FAQs

  • Can you manage an AR project start-to-finish?

    Yes! We’re adept at guiding brands through every stage of the process. Even if you’ve never considered how augmented reality could help your business grow and on-board more customers, get in touch.

  • I already have most of the assets I need for an AR application. Can you help with the rest?

    We know plenty of brands and agencies have their own pipelines in place. We can slot in to fill the gaps and help bring your project to fruition.

    If you have app developers, designers, 3D specialists and more, but lack AR knowledge or motion capture capabilities, get in touch. We’re adept at every stage and can bridge the gaps in your workflow.

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