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MAADIGITAL creates smart, bespoke apps

At MAADIGITAL, we’ve been creating mobile app experiences for world-leading brands for over 25 years. We have produced mobile content since the first iPhone release in 2007 and continue to innovate as both iPhone and Android hardware and software develops.

We develop native apps in Xcode and Android Studio. Our hybrid apps are primarily developed in Unity, based on C#.

The MAADIGITAL user-centred design process

MAADIGITAL creates a broad range of digital products for an equally broad range of clients and industries. From public-facing entertainment apps to complex, technical UIs for trained professionals, our mixed clientele means a user-centred approach is essential.

We believe the user always comes first – digital products are nothing without them, and finding the users that align with your brand ethos and your product is a sure-fire route to success.

Mobile app design and development FAQs

  • Why do I need a mobile app instead of just a website?

    Mobile apps are capable of using all of a device’s processing power, meaning they can do a great deal more. They can tap more readily into the device’s hardware, drastically increasing their capabilities.

  • How can I be sure an app will work well for my users?

    MAADIGITAL has an extensive UX design and development process which handles everything from key user identification, through iterative testing both in-house and with prospective users to real-world testing.

    Our comprehensive process optimises the app experience for the core user base, ensuring ease of use.

  • Don't apps need maintenance and updating?

    They do! To ensure they work their best with the latest operating systems and hardware, MAADIGITAL offers comprehensive support packages which cover bugs, updates and versioning issues that arise naturally in the lifespan of a digital product.

Data-driven XR experiences

Data can be tricky – hard to understand, boring, overly specific and hard to apply to real life. Turning plain data into engaging, action-creating XR experiences is where MAADIGITAL shines.

Our joint core services of app design and development and XR mean we can create the best data-driven augmented reality, virtual and mixed reality experiences out there. As the tech improves, we’re finding new and exciting ways to share data worldwide in easy-to-understand formats.

Mixed reality data immersion
Augmented reality data
Renewables car charge point data

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