The Studio

Unforgettable digital experiences

MAADIGITAL blends emotional engagement with powerful technology to make magic.

We work at the forefront of what’s possible – blending our expertise in design with the latest, cutting edge technology to create extraordinary moments that your customers will never forget.

A forward-thinking digital agency creating powerful iOS and Android app experiences, augmented reality, virtual reality, and peripherals, MAADIGITAL empowers leading brands and agencies through digital expertise.

Our history

For over 25 years, MAADIGITAL has been at the forefront of digital design and technology.

We change how businesses present themselves in a digital space, specialising in removing friction and creating powerful digital experiences.

Our ethos

We’re all about big ideas – solving problems and creating powerful experiences in the digital space to change how businesses do what they do.

We boil complex concepts and needs down to ideal solutions, ensuring accessible digital experiences that are on-brand and totally transformative.

How we work

We take on challenges from big brands and break them down.

We work closely with you to establish what’s needed, design intuitive user experiences and apply it all to a bespoke app environment for the perfect digital solution.

UX Design UX Design

We manage user behaviour, craft smart user journeys, and design interactions to help users get the most out of digital experiences.


We create accessible, intuitive augmented reality user experiences for a wide range of smartphones and tablets that encourage users to explore.

3D Design 3D Design

Using the latest techniques including photogrammetry and motion capture, we create unique scenes in 3D allows us to show off products, spaces and stories.


We craft truly immersive experiences in virtual reality, perfectly suited to transport users into whole new worlds.

Video Video

From scripts to casting, filming and costume, we create video of all kinds - advertising, educational, promotional and more.

App Design App Design

We design and develop user-centred app experiences to help transform the digital arm of your business with iOS apps, Android apps, and software.

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