1. MAADigital Design and Development of Apps for IOS & Android Devives

    IOS & Android

    Connecting audiences through mobile

    Our creative APP solutions bring audiences closer to brands, connecting digital to retail by delivering memorable mobile experiences in the palm of the audiences hand.

    It empowers you and your customers. It enables new ways of thinking, seeing, interacting, engaging and communicating with your customers and your customers with you.

    On Shelf

    One way to connect with audiences in-store is through people interacting with digital media right at shelf.

    Product information, how to videos, complimentary products and even up to date consumer reviews can all be centrally managed and tracked.

    Complex algorithms matching consumer needs with products can help drive sales and overcome confusion right where the shopper needs it most - In Store at Shelf.

    MAADigital Olay On Shelf Skin Analysis App open
    MAADigial Pantene Hair Damage'O'Meter App open


    Equipping your sales or beauty consultants with engaging bespoke brand apps can really shape your shoppers in-store experience.

    Offering a tailored experience driven by trained consultants gives you an unique opportunity to educate your clients on the products / services you offer whilst increasing brand awareness and ensuring maximum engagement with your customers.


    The explosion of smart devices and advances in data security has brought with it a wave of change throughout companies globally.

    Enterprise applications are enabling businesses to maximise employee productivity regardless of the location or time.

    With many of your customers on smart devices the opportunity to serve them up-to-date and relevant information has never been more business critical.

    MAADigital Business to Business Enterprise Apps

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  2. Augmented

    Augmented Reality is a means to enhance or augment your real-life surroundings through the use of a device’s camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and viewer. With applied creative thinking it can produce memorable marketing campaigns, digital brand engagement, innovative product demonstrations and immersive educational experiences. Our creative augmented reality solutions bring audiences closer to brands, connecting digital to retail by delivering memorable retail experiences online, instore and through mobile.

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    Retail AR

    MAADigital Augmented Reality Braun Shaver

    MAADigital were commissioned by Braun to research how they could create a truly memorable Augmented Reality retail experience in their flagship stores. The experience is activated simply by picking up the shaver no Camera Detection or Markers are used, MAADigital worked alongside Teesside University and placed custom designed hardware into a working Braun shaver. This allowed the AR experience to be taken to another level, tracking every movement of the shaver and even detect when the on button was pressed all of which delivered a truly magical retail experience.

    Trade Show AR

    MAADigital Augmented Reality BIM Library App

    MAADigital were commissioned by the nationalBIM Library to create an Augmented Reality experience for their sales team and Trade show demonstrations. The application is activated by showing a series of custom designed markers to a tablet device. The audience would then be shown a series of 3D models along with the data stored about that object within the BIM Library.

    Customer AR

    MAADigital Augmented Reality Gilette Pro Glide Razor

    MAADigital were commissioned by Gillette to create an Augmented Reality exploration of the 7 innovations of their new ProGlide razor, working along side BBDO it formed an integral part of the brands global tool-kit. The application is activated by showing a custom designed marker “the G-Stick” to their web cam. The user was then taken on a journey of discovery exploring the 7 innovations of the Gillette ProGlide razor.

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  3. Responsive
    Web Design

    MAADigtial Oral-B Responsive Online Tool

    MAADigital Responsive website design adopts fluid widths in percentages of viewable screen resolution and adjustable layouts. All of which is based on what kind or screen-size you are using while browsing the desired website. Ensuring the site will always “look its best” no matter what device the consumer is browsing through.

    All the content is served from a user friendly Content Management Systems ensuring you can keep the site current, optimised for the ever important Search Engine whilst not compromising on design or your audience experience.

    Some Examples

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  4. Video &
    3D Animation

    Recent research indicates that by 2017 69% of all consumer traffic will be video related and it is estimated that more than 50% of companies are already using the medium to connect to their audiences. Engaged viewers will spend more time on your site interacting with your brand and should be a key part of any SEO strategy. MAADigtial have over 15 years experience producing product visualisation videos, training videos and promo's for some of the industries leading brands. We spend time to understand the audience your brand / product as trying to reach this ensures that the content is not only visually appealing but is also relevant to them.

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    Product Visualisation
    / Demonstration Videos

    MAADigital 3D Animation production Future Fabrics Exhibition

    MAADigital were commissioned by a leading fabric detergent brand to produce a series of 3D animations illustrating how dirt and damage happen right at the fibre level of clothes and how their product formula can clean and protect the fibres without damaging them. The audience were fashion house editors and the videos were to be shown at the Future Fabrics event in Milan. The audience demands the production had to be beautifully appealing and the client required it to be scientifically correct a combination not known for going well together.

    Promotional Videos

    MAADigital Promotional video production Oral-B Trade Show Sequence

    MAADigital were commissioned by Oral-B to produce a series of motion graphic video clips to display key information of their products for use in trade-shows and key Oral-B external events. The audience at the trade show events were a mixture of dentists, dental hygienists and trade press. The promotional clips had to reflect the professionalism and scientific nature of the brand and deliver a clear message in a short space of time. The clips had to play seamlessly together with the flexibility to be reordered or played individually in brand presentations.

    Training Videos

    MAADigital training video production DDF Dermscope app

    MAADigital were commissioned by DDF New York to produce a series of training videos demonstrating how to use their recently created IOS skin diagnosis tool. The audience were skin experts used to dealing with "beauty seekers" constant need for information and latest technology advancements in the skincare category. The training videos had to reflect the brand equity and culture in terms of aesthetics whilst not loosing the training message.

  5. About Us &
    Our Clients

    MAADigital is a creative studio specialising in emerging technologies. We craft premium digital experiences for a growing network of pioneering luxury brands across the emerging digital beauty and fashion sectors.

    We leverage the power of cutting edge digital solutions for emerging digital experiences and create consumer experiences for use in-store, on mobile, and online. With over fifteen years industry experience we bring unique market and technical insight to projects, advising and working closely with clients to fully maximise the potential of their digital campaigns.

    MAADigital is based at the Northern Design Centre in the heart of Newcastle - Gateshead’s creative hub, serving clients worldwide from our North East studio.

    Clients MAADigital work with including Oral-B, Olay, Gilette, FaulknerBrowns Architects, Febreeze, QVC and DDF
    Clients MAADigital work with including Pantene, Braun, Head&Shoulders, Ariel, Hugo Boss, Pampers and Samuel Phillips Law Firm

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